10 Query Tips from a Literary Assistant — Week of 11/21/2014

Lane Heymont

I’m a literary assistant at The Seymour Agency. Our agents, Mary Sue SeymourNicole Resciniti, and Julie Gwinn represent a range of genre: Christian/Inspirational, Fantasy/Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Women’s Lit, Romance.

As usual, this week’s tips come from my Twitter feed (@LaneHeymont). Enjoy!

1) A writer should have at least 1-3 projects in the works at any given point. When you sign a book deal, your agent or editor might ask, “Hey, what do you have next? What are you working?” Publishing moves at a glacial pace until it picks up speed like a freight train and suddenly you’re moving at 500 mph. Always have something else in the works.

2) Talking negatively about yourself in a query is not the way to win over an agent. Neither is boasting how fantastic you are. You are not the next H.G. Wells or Oscar Wilde. Ironic part is…

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