My Book is Done?

Hi Friends,

The time has come for me to make a blog. The time actually came about a year ago when I began writing my first Young Adult novel but who has time to write blog posts AND a book? Well as it turns out, ALL successful authors have (or make) that time these days. So I best play catch up.

The momentous occasion that sparked this overdue first post is the completion of my manuscript, The Maker’s Table. What’s the final word count you ask? Right around 63,000. Writing this novel has been a cleansing, rewarding, maddening, and exhilirating experience and the fact that I’m in the final stages is so surreal. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting down on my lunch break to scribble out my first hundred words.

I’m taking the rest of this week to polish out the last few kinks just in time to make it to the New York Writer’s Digest Conference this weekend. At the conference I’ll be attending a number of exciting and informative workshops on the writing and publishing process (yay brain candy!). I’ll also have the opportunity to pitch my book to 50+ agents and editors. The idea makes me slightly nauseous. I mostly just feel all tingly and happy though. I’m nearing a reality that I never fully let myself believe to be possible. Now more than ever is the time to embrace that possibility and I’m throwing myself at it full throttle.

More to come.